macbeth script

a bit of the script….


The witches walk forward (accompanied) by the sound of breathing. When the witches reach the front stage, they open their boxes, attached to their bodies (see costumes). Projection on the boxes showing images of power and desire.

Witches (speaking together)

Is human desire a matter of psychology or intuition? are calculations and strategies the exclusive domain of rationality of the mind? Or is desire inherent in the body and can it be tapped into and made tangible? Process of desire in the human body as a vital instinct that can bring the body into a continuous state of excitement.

The projections stops. The witches close the boxes and walk back to their initial position always facing the audience. Lady Macbeth continues her previous actions, always trying to reach the reflections, when suddenly she see the knifes. Pushed by the desire to reach them she climbs the rope.

She reach the knifes but touching one of them she cut herself and falls down almost hitting the floor going back to the same position as the first scene. The witches move towards Lady Macbeth turning Lady Macbeth’s body around. They are laughing. The witches leave the stage.

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