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awfully deep

“Awfully Deep” is a short-film directed by Daniel Florêncio in which I was the production designer. The film was shot in October 2009, with the RED camera and is now on its way to the biggest film festivals in Europe.

Check the trailer:



The filmBaking Workshops are a series of classes created to introduce and develop a visual awareness on the attendants. Created by Marcel Izidoro, the Workshops had their first introduction during the 2006 ZIFF (Zimbabwe International Film Festival) and have been growing up since then. During the 2008 ZIFF the filmBaking workshops had their biggest edition to date, here it was taught a series of highly technical workshops aimed to increase the technical quality of the Zimbabwean filmmakers of now.
For this edition of the Workshops had a two week long program with 4 Professors teaching: Film Directing and Writing, Editing, Photography and Sound, and I went as producer and also Art Director/Production Designer.

The program is divided in two phases, with phase one being technical and theoretical classes for each subject. Phase two will be hands on approach to things with all the classes coming together to make a real life exercises.
Each program is molded to fit each particular need of the place where we are.

I was the Production Designer for the short-films we filmed as the final outcome.
Here it is one of the short-films, written by one student on the directing/script writing workshop and developed with other students together with the tutors.

research video

To develop the video installation about religion, I’ve done a video research on people’s religion’s, asking simple questions such as:

-What is your religion?

-How can you describe your religion?

-Do you believe in God?

The idea was to interview people younger than 35 years old to analyze their  ability to describe their own believes.

We started deconstructing religions into symbols and then symbols into words to be able to reconstruct our interpretation of religion. I realized how our language is limited to define ideas and thoughts that are visual and mental, or that can be felt but are impossible to put into words.

video art inspiration

1973 WGBH Boston Public Television program exploring the relatively new area of video art. The program highlights several video artists exploring the video medium and pushing its boundries, with a focus on artists working with video synthesizers.
Part 5:
Peter Campus (Including what appears to be his full work entitled “Three Transitions”)

religion ?

I’ve been recently working with Mart Quileri on a video installation about religion.

Our project is based on how people react when it comes to define or describe their own or other people’s religions. We started the project looking at how people experience religion on a daily basis and how is difficult to classify their own believes.

We got strongly inspired by artists who based their work on religious concepts and questions, like Maja Bajeciv and Gregor Scheider, and have the ability to combine concepts with strong visual images. Their work is relate to our methodology of work in a sense that we work more visually, and this fact allowed us to experiment with ideas for a  installation rather than for a performance.

We explored the fact that extreme religious people don’t normally understand other opinions as they are too focused on their own life’s and truths, and this is very common on a daily basis; once you are too concentrated on your own reality you will never be able to listen and understand other point of view.

We explored the classification of religion into symbols and how people can normally describe symbols. We did experiments to be able to better analyse the subject, and from these experiments our project could develop a lot easier and faster.

By the answers we’ve got, most of the people of our age said they don’t believe in any religion at all or even in God; we found this result very interesting and we started wondering if because people cannot describe their believes and classify it into one already established religion, they find it easier to say that they don’t believe in anything at all.

A form of showing these conclusions into an art work was to develop a video installation with 2 people from different backgrounds, cultural, language and religion based, each one in one TV trying to communicate with each other speaking their own languages only, and explaining their believes to each other.

jack malchance WEBSITE

finally we have a website for our web series JACK MALCHANCE!

the next episode (episode 3) is ready and will be available for uploads on the 1st of july.

Episodes 4 and 5 on its way!!!

check it out:

jack malchance 3

During the last weeks we’ve been working on the 3rd episode of the web series “Jack Malchance”. I’ve posted already here the 1st and 2nd episodes and explained the project.

Now Jack is back with lots of action and mystery.

some pictures from behind the scenes:

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