The filmBaking Workshops are a series of classes created to introduce and develop a visual awareness on the attendants. Created by Marcel Izidoro, the Workshops had their first introduction during the 2006 ZIFF (Zimbabwe International Film Festival) and have been growing up since then. During the 2008 ZIFF the filmBaking workshops had their biggest edition to date, here it was taught a series of highly technical workshops aimed to increase the technical quality of the Zimbabwean filmmakers of now.
For this edition of the Workshops had a two week long program with 4 Professors teaching: Film Directing and Writing, Editing, Photography and Sound, and I went as producer and also Art Director/Production Designer.

The program is divided in two phases, with phase one being technical and theoretical classes for each subject. Phase two will be hands on approach to things with all the classes coming together to make a real life exercises.
Each program is molded to fit each particular need of the place where we are.

I was the Production Designer for the short-films we filmed as the final outcome.
Here it is one of the short-films, written by one student on the directing/script writing workshop and developed with other students together with the tutors.

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