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theatre inspiration

‘Le cirque invisible’ by Jean-Baptist Thierree and Victoria Chaplin show off the ability to use set and costume as a important part of the performance. Outstanding!! It is incredible how the designer worked with the actors for the better use of it. very very inspiring.


jack malchance 5 – shooting

Last weekend we shoot the 5th episode of Jack Malchance, a web drama I am currently working on.

The episode will be uploaded on 10th of October on our channel on youtube, and looks great by the way.

some pics from props and behind the scenes:


‘Pornomuro’ is a performance with projections that I’ve developed and applied for a multi-media festival.

The story is as it follows: My friend Chico Urbanus and his father have a world music label called Sterns Music, and their cafe closed one year and a half ago. One of the walls of the cafe was painted by an amazing artist called Kofi Ankobra and considering that the cafe was going to be transformed into a coral bookmakers and the new owners of the place were going to paint that wall white, we wanted to do something to document it and somehow transform it into art.

Our friend Vitoria was living here in London at that time and suggested she could take part on the performance. So I created a project and applied for the festival. As a study for the project we’ve done a shooting night in front of the wall and called it ‘pornomuro’.

It was photographed by Azul Serra, produced and art directed by me and had the great collaboration of Chico Urbanus and Amelia Prazak. (there are great shots on Azul’s website)

variations V

Pollock’s near destruction of this tradition (painting) may well be a return to the point where art was more actively involved in ritual, magic and life.

Allan Kaprow, ‘Art News’ , 1958

John Cage made «Variations V» in 1965 for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. He and David Tudor settled on two systems for the sound to be affected by movement. For the first, Billy Klüver and his colleagues set up a system of directional photocells aimed at the stage lights, so that the dancers triggered sounds as they cut the light beams with their movements. A second system used a series of antennas. When a dancer came within four feet of an antenna a sound would result. Ten photocells were wired to activate tape-recorders and short-wave radios.

inspiration for composition

the edge of love” is the kind of film that doesn’t inspire me as a story, but in terms of composition, colors, art direction, props, costume design is absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!! When I was watching, during some shots it was almost unbelievable how beautiful was the composition.

The shots from the top are incredible, I’ve done it on Jack Malchance episode 3.

the cinematography as well is stunning; normally when a film visually attracts me, is the cinematography and art dptm together having a great composition of textures, light and colors.

If I would show any reference of my ideal work as production designer It would be this film.

more about the species

I will explain more about our collaborative project “introducing new species”

It is an ongoing collaborative project between me, Milo Tchais and Rapha Franco. The work is taking place in a derelict building in SW6, London.

The idea is to explore the artistic and biological possibilities of the site, adding new plants to the soil and combining this action with spray-painting on the wall. We intend to entroduce new life and new possibilities of art and critical though to this environment.

The building has been empty for many years and there is a wide range of weeds growing there, as well as countless graffiti-artists that visit and visited the place throughout the years… We are planting new plants species (few types of ivies and mixed flower seeds) to the site and combining their growth process with forest-like paintings (by Milo).

My work has to do with the documentation of the process by film and photos. As is a long project, directly related to the time the plants take to grow, it needs a good documentation. I’ve posted already the video I’ve done from the first visit we’ve done, and I am currently working in the next one.

This series of photographs are from Rapha Franco, he does this kind of series work, with different locations in which he is working on.

new showreel

a selection of my work as a production designer and art director.

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