mixed-medias performances

“Shadow Monsters” is an installation by Philip Worthington that creates shadow puppets with a difference.
Magical monsters appear from shadows cast by the hands of participants, reacting to gestures with sound and animation. Wolf like creatures, birds and a rastafarian are among the characters that speak and squeek as imaginary mouths open and close. Shadow Monsters is an intuitive and magical experience for young and old alike to play with body posture for creating crazy narratives.
Puppeteers place their hands in front of the lightbox and make shadow creatures in the usual way. Recognising the shape of hands however, the installation then adds teeth, spikes and tongues in the gaps that are intended to form the creatures’ mouths.

It is amazing how the interaction between live and mediatize is no longer questionable, it is fact, every art form is already influenced by medias and technology in any form. It is called MIXED-MEDIAS PERFORMANCES, events that combine live and mediatized representations: live actors with film, video, or digital projections, for instance.

in the simultaneous use of the living actor and the talking picture in the theatre there lies a wholly new theatrical art, whose possibilities are as infinite as those of speech itself.

Robert Edmond Jones (1941)

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