CREATION process

One very important aspect of the creative process is the documentation of it and how to present and explain to people the concepts that are behind your creation.

When I studied Fashion Design in Brazil, even that was a art & design course, and the teachers have tried to ask us to do sketchbooks, it didn’t work because we didn’t have to present our own creations to an audience; I mean, verbally present our ideas in public. We just needed to submit the design when was ready, and the creation process was spoken between the teacher and the student during the term. And this is an aspect that can easily be identified in Brazil, the lack of documentation that the artists normally have.

This aspect surprised me when I came to England to study art, because at the end of the term I have to present my design ideas, and to be clear I need clear documentation to help me. It really helps when I’m working as a Production Designer in films as my communication with the director and the DOP can be faster and clear, as I have images and sketches of what my ideas are.

And how to be creative on the presentation is another issue. Here is one example of a presentation I’ve done for the macbeth Project, on the first year of my BA in Performance Design & Practice.

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