In 2008 I’ve created and developed the design for a theatre performance based on the film “The hours”. It was just a proposal and it hasn’t been realized yet.

I have related the film and the fact that it is a “one day journey” inside the feminine universe of 3 different woman, with the work from Frida Kahlo, an artist who had a really strong feminine work. For me it was a journey inside myself, and connecting with such beautiful works from Virginia Wolf and Frida Kahlo showed me how their art is similar and sensible.

After lots of research and a strong creative process I came out with a dance performance in which the stage is a triangle shape (representing the feminine) with water on the floor, reflecting them. Also representing the mind. In the middle of the stage it falls a big root from a tree, representing our inner self. (the feminine inner self)

It is a design that I love and I’m proud of, and hope someday to see it live.

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