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details from SARAY

The exhibition of the work ‘Saray’ consisted not only on the 7 TV’s but also a sound installation which was going on a loop on the same room, headphones connected with one of the TV’s where the audience could hear bits of memories, and also the photographs which were sawed @

the performance (on TV’s) together with some letters written by my grandmother. The letters were all written in croatian so I couldn’t properly understand what was written, and the address from Sarajevo doesn’t exists anymore after the siege on the 90’s.



This video shows “Footfalls”, ┬áthe piece I have designed which was on last week here in London.

new short species video

footfalls by samuel beckett

I haven’t been writing so much as I have been really busy building the set and costume for “FOOTFALLS” by Samuel Beckett.

The play was on last week and is the conclusion of a collaboration between students of Performance design & practice (me), Directors from the Drama Centre London and also MA students of Classical European Acting of the Drama Centre as well.

I was collaborating with Marta Quileri to design and build the piece and with the director Oliver Dawe.

At the beginning of the piece for the scene change we had a projection, which was amazing for me as for the final project I am writing about how the use of projection and video in theatre and performance is a tool to change the viewer’s perception of time and space.

Images from the play :


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