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next Braziliality event

next Braziliality event + me developing my skills on graphic design.



without projection, with projection….



fast, past present

“If reality is not a succession of static moments or immobile states of being, then there is an indeterminateness & uncertainty in events which produces a freedom of CREATIVE possibility”.

Henri Bergson

antonioni project

‘The antonioni project”, by the dutch group Toneelgroep Amsterdam is for sure very interesting from the start when you seat as audience and sees a film set on the stage, with 3 cameras, cinematographers, and around 10 people seated in front of computers making sure everything is synchronized. Having the set as a blue screen creates a great effect at the beginning, but is kind of ‘forgotten’ after, and never used again.

The whole idea as filming for  film inside the theatre is great, and the group has lots of Budget to do it, but all the equipment could have been explore much more. It was difficult to seat simply as a member of the audience and stop thinking on how I would do great scenes with all that equipment on stage.


questioning reality

As I am one week from presenting my final proposal for my live performance I am doing lots of visual research on videos and works that are similar to mine, so I can get inspired from it, have as a reference or simply know that I am going into the right way.

O my proposal I have an actor inside a flat and the audience on the streets mediated by a camera, a computer with a video-artist and a projector, representing 2 different ways of “reality” in one sense, and to be more specific, 2 different perceptions of time (considering Bergson’s book The creative mind).

This work comes from the idea os the live and mediatized performances, and how a live action after being mediatized is perceived by its audience.

On my research I found a work “O amor segundo B. Schianberg“(Love according to B. Schianberg) was presented at the ‘LIVE CINEMA’ festival which happens in Brazil, and is directed by Beto Brant. He had one actor and one video artist in one flat for a week, they had the briefing of the story,  the director placed cameras inside it, and was watching the images while editing it live. As well he asked for the video artist to have make her own images of the situation, while being inside the flat.

The director made a film from it.

The presentation at “Live cinema” was a video art made by they both.

It is amazing how it relates to my practice as I am having 2 people on a flat, the actor and the video artist, editing live images as she sees it, and projecting across the street her own interpretation of the “live” she is watching.

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