the exhibition of my work

Exhibiting my work for the degree show of Performance Design & Practice @ Central Saint Martins, It wasn’t an easy task.

After 3 years of intense work and so diverse projects and collaborations, I chose 3 of those to present at the final exhibition.

On a black space, I had my 3 best projects: the video and sound installation ‘Saray’, the proposal of multimedia performance “Fast,Past, Present’ and the movement piece ‘Unwrapped’, done in collaboration with Marta Quilleri and irineu Nogueira.

The projects had a 3 screen with a video of the piece and some images.

When I got to the Prague QD of Performative Space, in which Brazil won the Golden Prize, I saw that they displayed the projects in the same way I did for my degree show, always having TV screens showing videos of the actual performance.

Nowadays the moving image is so powerful, and for the viewer to understand the piece, only photographs and models are not accurate, because you don’t get the idea of the space WITH MOVEMENT.

on top, in black, photograph of my degree show, and down, in pink, the Brazil area on the prague quadrennial of scenography.

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