About me

Bianca Turner is a graduate in London, at Central Saint Martins in “Performance Design and Practice,” and works with stage and film design since 2004.

Since January 2010 is a curator and designer of art exhibitions of the project ‘Braziliality’, – which promotes Brazilian artists in London and also foreign artists who have work related to Brazil – in monthly art exhibitions at the 16mm café and screening room in Soho, and at “Made in Brazil” in Camden Town, and also in alternative art festivals such as Hackney Wicked festival in London.

Bianca also works as a freelance art director, set designer and costume designer for street performances, theatre plays and featured and short films. Did art direction for more than 15 films in London, musical theatre and dance performances.

Bianca also develops her personal work as a multimedia artist in video installations and video performances as the video installation ‘Saray’ which was part of the Accidental Festival in May 2011, at the Roundhouse.

“My work is mixed as I like to try different medias and possibilities, but what I mostly do is work as an art director and production designer in short and feature films, theatre and live/dance performances. I am highly involved with film-making and also creating, filming and editing video art and installation works and set and costume design combined with projection.

The intention of this website is to organize and publish my work and also to make it understandable, sharing sketchbook ideas and thoughts throughout the design process.”

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