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poetry SLAM

ZAP! Autonomous Zone of the Word is the first night of “Poetry Slam” (League of poetry) from Brazil.
It happens every second Thursday of the month at the headquarters of the Center of Bartholomew Testimonials-Hip Hop Theatre. (Nucleo Bartolomeu de Depoimentos)

It is a space dedicated to spoken words, now free, space in time where diversity is the guest of honor and the main goal is the celebration of the word.

At each meeting, people from different ages, professions, world views, wishes and beliefs come together to share words, ideas, experiences and viewpoints. Inside loud polyphonic Sao Paulo, a suspension in time-space. Silence.

They all stop to listen, see and feel: POETRY

Rules of Slam:
1) A poem (or text) at a time and must be written by the poet (readable)
2) Without accessories, without costumes, without musical accompaniment.
3) The poems must have a maximum of 3 minutes (or less) plus 10 seconds bonus. After this time every 10 seconds exceeded 1 point is deducted.

A jury of five people, randomly selected or chosen at the time the presenter (host / mc) among the public, gives a statement after each poem on a scale from 0.0 to 10.0, and there may be broken grades (eg 7.8 or 9, 6 ….). In addition to the text content, the jury should be aware of how it is presented.
The jurors judge: Form + Content, poetic inspiration + performance.
The highest and lowest marks are dropped. A wizard (in ZAP the “Zapitágoras”) makes the “average” and the notes are marked in a blackboard where everyone can see.
It is Three rounds, so who wants to participate in the slam poetry must have three different poems. All the poets are included in the first round. The Top marks are part of the second and so on until the third and last, where it is voted the “Zapeão”(first place) for the night.
The “Zapeão” for the night takes home a prize of culture: books! Books! Books! besides CDs and DVDs!




jack malchance – new episode!

finally on 1st of july was released the 3rd episode of the Web drama JACK MALCHANCE.

I already posted explanations about it and also the episodes 1 and 2. It’s done as a collaboration and we have the next episodes 4 or 5 ready and will be released soon, next will be on 1st of august.

jack malchance WEBSITE

finally we have a website for our web series JACK MALCHANCE!

the next episode (episode 3) is ready and will be available for uploads on the 1st of july.

Episodes 4 and 5 on its way!!!

check it out:


in 2009, together with the artist Amelia Prazak, we’ve created a performance based on Keith Jarret’s improvisation piece “The Koln concert”, an incredible piano impro. It is worth to hear to it, leave it playing around your room and just feel the music. It is like a ‘life soundtrack’. During our research we looked for different kinds of improvisation, since builders on a city centre, a radio, masks as a way of hiding your own self, SHADOWS, and contact improvisation dance, a technique that allows the dancer to create based on each others movements.

Also We developed our own form of improvisation, guiding 2 dancers in a black space, and EXPLORING on different ways of improvisation, once we wanted to develop a dance performance.

we filmed the process of dance, and our research on that, and here is the video:

and some pictures of our experiments and of the model of the proposal:

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