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“Splay” is a low-tech solution for paintings and actions in urban areas.
Low-tech systems aim to develop strategies and mechanisms from resources commonly found, bringing solutions that replace and expand the uses of material and techniques for street actions.


Film, Edit and Directed: Tiago Diel
Artist: Narcelio Grud


peter brook


Beautiful video about gravity. Dance, set, architecture, music…. fantastic!!!!

the blue dragon, by LEPAGE


without projection, with projection….



“If reality is not a succession of static moments or immobile states of being, then there is an indeterminateness & uncertainty in events which produces a freedom of CREATIVE possibility”.

Henri Bergson

pina Bausch

It’s difficult to think of another European dance artist who has continued throughout her career to be both as influential and as controversial as the German choreographer Pina Bausch. Although Bausch trained in New York for three years from 1959-62 during her formative phase as a young dancer, her sensibility is firmly European in the visions of a dark, brooding and tension-filled world her theatre depicts.

This revolutionary 3D film PINA from director Wim Wenders captures the aesthetic of Pina Bausch’s greatest works in a thrilling way.

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