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‘clowning around’

I am working as a production designer for a short film, directed by Damien Cullen, ‘Clowning Around’.

We are in first stages of ideas, and today I had the second meeting with the crew… The color palette is starting to create shape, together with the costume and the photography. We intend to create a ‘lomo’ look, with light and soft colors on the background but having vivid colors on the character’s costumes.



questioning reality

As I am one week from presenting my final proposal for my live performance I am doing lots of visual research on videos and works that are similar to mine, so I can get inspired from it, have as a reference or simply know that I am going into the right way.

O my proposal I have an actor inside a flat and the audience on the streets mediated by a camera, a computer with a video-artist and a projector, representing 2 different ways of “reality” in one sense, and to be more specific, 2 different perceptions of time (considering Bergson’s book The creative mind).

This work comes from the idea os the live and mediatized performances, and how a live action after being mediatized is perceived by its audience.

On my research I found a work “O amor segundo B. Schianberg“(Love according to B. Schianberg) was presented at the ‘LIVE CINEMA’ festival which happens in Brazil, and is directed by Beto Brant. He had one actor and one video artist in one flat for a week, they had the briefing of the story,  the director placed cameras inside it, and was watching the images while editing it live. As well he asked for the video artist to have make her own images of the situation, while being inside the flat.

The director made a film from it.

The presentation at “Live cinema” was a video art made by they both.

It is amazing how it relates to my practice as I am having 2 people on a flat, the actor and the video artist, editing live images as she sees it, and projecting across the street her own interpretation of the “live” she is watching.


My first experiment for my project on “perceiving time” (still untitled) was very successful. The projector I’ve got is much more powerful than I imagined and the lights from my street weren’t as strong as I’ve imagined! Luckily!

Was absolutely incredible to see myself projected live into the top part of my front door neighbor! And it turned my projected into the discussion of private and public spaces and how can I make my own personal space (in this specific case, my bedroom) into a public space as everyone who is crossing the street can see everything I have and everything I am doing.

It is quite exciting that I can mix different interests and particularities about peoples life in terms if timing and space.

pure time

real duration



only experienced by intuition

endless flow of experiences in an indivisible continuity

metaphysical principles


reality is always changing

new species

Our project “introducing new species” is getting bigger and every time we go to the factory is a new experience! the site changes so fast with the collaboration of the species, is in beautiful and very interesting.

In our last visit Rapha found a tomato tree and blackberries, and we were even able to eat some… it wasn’t the planted by him so the origin of these trees stays a mystery…. We pretend to have more 2 ou 3 visits before presenting these projects for art galleries to be able to show what we’ve done and to continue to adapt this work in different sites.

my documentation of our last visit:


In 2008 I’ve created and developed the design for a theatre performance based on the film “The hours”. It was just a proposal and it hasn’t been realized yet.

I have related the film and the fact that it is a “one day journey” inside the feminine universe of 3 different woman, with the work from Frida Kahlo, an artist who had a really strong feminine work. For me it was a journey inside myself, and connecting with such beautiful works from Virginia Wolf and Frida Kahlo showed me how their art is similar and sensible.

After lots of research and a strong creative process I came out with a dance performance in which the stage is a triangle shape (representing the feminine) with water on the floor, reflecting them. Also representing the mind. In the middle of the stage it falls a big root from a tree, representing our inner self. (the feminine inner self)

It is a design that I love and I’m proud of, and hope someday to see it live.

CREATION process

One very important aspect of the creative process is the documentation of it and how to present and explain to people the concepts that are behind your creation.

When I studied Fashion Design in Brazil, even that was a art & design course, and the teachers have tried to ask us to do sketchbooks, it didn’t work because we didn’t have to present our own creations to an audience; I mean, verbally present our ideas in public. We just needed to submit the design when was ready, and the creation process was spoken between the teacher and the student during the term. And this is an aspect that can easily be identified in Brazil, the lack of documentation that the artists normally have.

This aspect surprised me when I came to England to study art, because at the end of the term I have to present my design ideas, and to be clear I need clear documentation to help me. It really helps when I’m working as a Production Designer in films as my communication with the director and the DOP can be faster and clear, as I have images and sketches of what my ideas are.

And how to be creative on the presentation is another issue. Here is one example of a presentation I’ve done for the macbeth Project, on the first year of my BA in Performance Design & Practice.

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