ancestral lines cannot be broken. without them there is no childhood. without them there can be no right dreams. The river flows, it is continually changing, continually moving, yet it is always a river. Now, before, after. As such, so it is the line from you to your ancestors, for outside the physical there is an unbroken thread. IT CANNOT BE SEEN,  YET CAN BE FELT. You may call it a déja-vu, an unconscious sense of familiarity about certain place or circumstance. You may call it a certain yearning for certain foods, for certain experiences, for a certain type of person. you may call it your “NATURE”.

Bill Viola – note – february 19, 1977

I am currently working on a video installation that will be exhibited on 13th of may at a 16mm cafe and gallery in Soho. It is about the memory process through generations and the sensation of being nostalgic about something you never lived, just because your ancestors have lived.

My work started with me going to SARAJEVO where my grandmother was born and lived her childhood, exploring the space with video and sound recordings to be developed into a video installation.

From this research trip I came out with two different videos that helped me to create the final piece.


jack malchance

2009 was a very productive year, I’ve worked in many different film productions, and after post-production the films are coming out now. To keep the blog updated I will post some films and research ideas, also feedback that we are having on them.

In March, a great short film that was made was “Jack Malchance”, an improvisation film done in one evening, directed by Dean Loxton (, and cinematography by Azul Serra (

Dean had this idea if an INSTANT FILM, 3 minutes long, something easy that could be done without budget and would still have a great quality. So we did it, very fast, and he applied to Filmaka (, a great film competition with a highly considered jury and we got in!

Getting in, we were asked to create and do another one, but the conditions were that needed to be 3 minutes long as well and also needed to be a sequence of the first one, for a possible short-film series. After meetings and thoughts on how to proceed with the story, we’ve done the second film, in July 2009.

We got a great feedback from friends and professionals and now after a break and lots of different ideas, we decided to continue the series until the 10th episode, and finished a project that we’ve started.

From this creation movement Dean started the INSTANT FILMS, a film production company that is currently working in different projects and as well produced another film in which I was the production designer in October 2009, filmed with a 16mm camera, called “Two Peas”, directed by Aoife Crehan and cinematography by Azul Serra.

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