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“Splay” is a low-tech solution for paintings and actions in urban areas.
Low-tech systems aim to develop strategies and mechanisms from resources commonly found, bringing solutions that replace and expand the uses of material and techniques for street actions.


Film, Edit and Directed: Tiago Diel
Artist: Narcelio Grud


fast, past present


About Braziliality

Braziliality is a non-for-profit cross-cultural project, showcasing artworks from Brazilian artists and the art from international artists inspired by Brazil, creating a 360 degrees perspective of the contemporary Brazilian art and culture influence around the globe. Our mission is to support new art particularly using technology and new talents that are inspired by and related to Brazil.

Braziliality started in July 2008 and until July 2010 presented over 144 artists from 21 countries had their work showcased in 23 exhibitions that attracted over 1’345 people in the Private Views. More than 5’360 people have seen the exhibitions that happened at the16mm Deli Cafe & Screening Room in Soho. In those two years Braziliality worked in partnership with Jungle Drums Magazine, Leros Magazine, Record Television, Canal Londres, Latin America Bureau, ABC Trust, Visual Brasil Festival in Barcelona, Deslocamentos in Berlin, Fourth Plinth Pedal Power project, Planarama, Abelha Cachaca and Favela Chic and we hope to be working with many more interesting people, business and organizations.
In 2010 Braziliality stopped the monthly exhibitions to plan its second phase with the creation of this website and a project plan. Braziliality is opening a new membership scheme for the artists offering tailored consultancy for their international careers, informing about jobs and news from relevant art events. Braziliality will produce as networking events and exhibitions and it will work together Brazilian organizations and events in Europe.

The project was created by Alicia Bastos and now it counts with the curatorial knowledge of Pier Tosta and production designer Bianca Turner.

Introducing new species

“Introducing new species” is a project that is being developed since the beginning of March 2010 by the graffiti artist Milo Tchais and the fine art artist Raphael Franco. I am taking part on it filming and registering the long process as it might take more than 2 years to be ready.

It consists on ‘introducing new species’ to an empty factory on south London, mixing plants and nature with paint and graffiti in the middle of the concrete. Rapha is planting creepers and flowers and Milo is painting an interaction with the new growing plants.

I intent to create a dance and movement performance as well with a dancer, to be done and improvised while they work with the plants and paint.

We have already been there 3 times and I am filming everything and editing little by little. First video is ready but needs some alterations so will be uploaded soon.

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