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experiments of textures

I used the opportunity of being on a studio with the actors fully dressed on costume to explore different textures, color schemes and styles for looks for the short film.

As production designer of “Clowning Around”, I am interested in creating a different look to the classic english look of short films. In collaboration with the DOP Azul Serra and with our incredible costume designer, I am able to experiment with colors, details and photography filters.
Here are some shots I took on the photo shooting last week. Exploring colors to the limit!


The world is facing a moment of intense change. Old rules can’t be applied anymore on our Civilization. New communication tools are allowing people to express, to manifest, and to connect their selves. The Era of hidden crimes and no man’s land is ending.

The Arabic Pro Democracy Uprisings, like in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and other countries are being led by the new generation; youth is bringing hope for the old demands.

As part of this new generation as well, Azul Serra had the privilege to witness these movements and quickly share his viewpoint with his personal social network. People could merge with him in such an important moment of history, following his impressions, as a consequence of the same Connection and Interaction that allowed the revolutions, both of democracy and communication in the Arabic world.

“Irreversible” brings a personal look on people who are suffering the effects of this hard moment of transformation. Photos taken in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt during the Revolutions that are changing forever the history of Our lives.

jack malchance teaser



‘Pornomuro’ is a performance with projections that I’ve developed and applied for a multi-media festival.

The story is as it follows: My friend Chico Urbanus and his father have a world music label called Sterns Music, and their cafe closed one year and a half ago. One of the walls of the cafe was painted by an amazing artist called Kofi Ankobra and considering that the cafe was going to be transformed into a coral bookmakers and the new owners of the place were going to paint that wall white, we wanted to do something to document it and somehow transform it into art.

Our friend Vitoria was living here in London at that time and suggested she could take part on the performance. So I created a project and applied for the festival. As a study for the project we’ve done a shooting night in front of the wall and called it ‘pornomuro’.

It was photographed by Azul Serra, produced and art directed by me and had the great collaboration of Chico Urbanus and Amelia Prazak. (there are great shots on Azul’s website)

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