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experiments of textures

I used the opportunity of being on a studio with the actors fully dressed on costume to explore different textures, color schemes and styles for looks for the short film.

As production designer of “Clowning Around”, I am interested in creating a different look to the classic english look of short films. In collaboration with the DOP Azul Serra and with our incredible costume designer, I am able to experiment with colors, details and photography filters.
Here are some shots I took on the photo shooting last week. Exploring colors to the limit!


This video shows “Footfalls”, ┬áthe piece I have designed which was on last week here in London.

theatre inspiration

‘Le cirque invisible’ by Jean-Baptist Thierree and Victoria Chaplin show off the ability to use set and costume as a important part of the performance. Outstanding!! It is incredible how the designer worked with the actors for the better use of it. very very inspiring.

inspiration for composition

the edge of love” is the kind of film that doesn’t inspire me as a story, but in terms of composition, colors, art direction, props, costume design is absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!! When I was watching, during some shots it was almost unbelievable how beautiful was the composition.

The shots from the top are incredible, I’ve done it on Jack Malchance episode 3.

the cinematography as well is stunning; normally when a film visually attracts me, is the cinematography and art dptm together having a great composition of textures, light and colors.

If I would show any reference of my ideal work as production designer It would be this film.


In 2008 I’ve created and developed the design for a theatre performance based on the film “The hours”. It was just a proposal and it hasn’t been realized yet.

I have related the film and the fact that it is a “one day journey” inside the feminine universe of 3 different woman, with the work from Frida Kahlo, an artist who had a really strong feminine work. For me it was a journey inside myself, and connecting with such beautiful works from Virginia Wolf and Frida Kahlo showed me how their art is similar and sensible.

After lots of research and a strong creative process I came out with a dance performance in which the stage is a triangle shape (representing the feminine) with water on the floor, reflecting them. Also representing the mind. In the middle of the stage it falls a big root from a tree, representing our inner self. (the feminine inner self)

It is a design that I love and I’m proud of, and hope someday to see it live.



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