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pina Bausch

It’s difficult to think of another European dance artist who has continued throughout her career to be both as influential and as controversial as the German choreographer Pina Bausch. Although Bausch trained in New York for three years from 1959-62 during her formative phase as a young dancer, her sensibility is firmly European in the visions of a dark, brooding and tension-filled world her theatre depicts.

This revolutionary 3D film PINA from director Wim Wenders captures the aesthetic of Pina Bausch’s greatest works in a thrilling way.


merce cunningham

Merce Cunningham’s amazing performance ! I went it last wednesday 27th of October at the barbican theatre, part of the dance umbrella festival (London). EXPERIMENTAL!

Merce Cunningham’s performance “Nearly Ninety” it is an outstanding show of visual and audio possibilities.  The first act consists on half stage being used, with a gauze on the middle. The lights behind the screen create shadows so strong and mysterious allowing our perception to understand that there is something big behind the screen, which is moving, because the shadows are moving. Suddenly projections ( by Franc Aleu) of geometric futuristic forms start to appear creating together with the shadows (and the occasional silhouettes of the musicians) a doubt on the audience, without knowing if the shadows are from the lights, which are moving, or an object moving, or if the shadows are projections as well. The dancers, with futuristic costumes and minimal movements, dancing with this background create another reality, the idea that we – the audience – are in another planet.

But the best comes with the second act, when the stage is completely revealed, showing a weird  enormous architectural installation as the set design, in which the musicians stay inside, playing live. Some projection screens go down, and a live projection of the experimental musician Takehisha Kosugi experimenting sounds with the movement of nails inside a pan could be seen.

In this moment I could feel the background of the Cunningham/Cage collaborations, and how they succeeded on experimenting with the audience perception mixing sound, image and dance into an experimental, improvisation piece, giving the term multimedia the biggest meaning ever.



poetry for the soul……


in 2009, together with the artist Amelia Prazak, we’ve created a performance based on Keith Jarret’s improvisation piece “The Koln concert”, an incredible piano impro. It is worth to hear to it, leave it playing around your room and just feel the music. It is like a ‘life soundtrack’. During our research we looked for different kinds of improvisation, since builders on a city centre, a radio, masks as a way of hiding your own self, SHADOWS, and contact improvisation dance, a technique that allows the dancer to create based on each others movements.

Also We developed our own form of improvisation, guiding 2 dancers in a black space, and EXPLORING on different ways of improvisation, once we wanted to develop a dance performance.

we filmed the process of dance, and our research on that, and here is the video:

and some pictures of our experiments and of the model of the proposal:


amazing. beautiful. inspiring. poetry in images.

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