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“For me this was Beckett – a blind man as metaphor for the human condition, struggling to understand his universe – endlessly searching. Bleak. I particularly liked the soundscape of the piece, live and recorded, and although I liked the ambient nature of the recorded sound I wanted to hear it more clearly and crisply, not least because the sounds were so descriptive – I almost wanted them in my head – headphones? I liked the visual connection of costume and physical landscape (set) – there qualities. Because he was black I thought ‘Shaman’ at one point but that is probably just me – something ritualistic about it though. I loved the original light-world you created for it.”    Michael Spencer



created by Bianca Turner and Marta Quilleri

Performed by Irineu Nogueira

‘Unwrapped’ explores the edge of human curiosity. This movement piece brings to life the invisible and subtle actions lead by the relation between a human being and the unknown.



This video shows “Footfalls”,  the piece I have designed which was on last week here in London.

footfalls by samuel beckett

I haven’t been writing so much as I have been really busy building the set and costume for “FOOTFALLS” by Samuel Beckett.

The play was on last week and is the conclusion of a collaboration between students of Performance design & practice (me), Directors from the Drama Centre London and also MA students of Classical European Acting of the Drama Centre as well.

I was collaborating with Marta Quileri to design and build the piece and with the director Oliver Dawe.

At the beginning of the piece for the scene change we had a projection, which was amazing for me as for the final project I am writing about how the use of projection and video in theatre and performance is a tool to change the viewer’s perception of time and space.

Images from the play :


it’s not shit it’s architecture!

As an inspiration I can never forget One of the greatest theatre directors and designers, Robert Wilson…

My tutor has shown us this Bob Wilson’s video, and told a story that once Bob Wilson was rehearsing with a famous actor, and because was too minimal and he was paying too much attention to minimal details, the actor got angry and tired and screamed: “this is shit!” and Bob replied: “it is not shit, it is architecture!”


in 2009, together with the artist Amelia Prazak, we’ve created a performance based on Keith Jarret’s improvisation piece “The Koln concert”, an incredible piano impro. It is worth to hear to it, leave it playing around your room and just feel the music. It is like a ‘life soundtrack’. During our research we looked for different kinds of improvisation, since builders on a city centre, a radio, masks as a way of hiding your own self, SHADOWS, and contact improvisation dance, a technique that allows the dancer to create based on each others movements.

Also We developed our own form of improvisation, guiding 2 dancers in a black space, and EXPLORING on different ways of improvisation, once we wanted to develop a dance performance.

we filmed the process of dance, and our research on that, and here is the video:

and some pictures of our experiments and of the model of the proposal:

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