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experiments of textures

I used the opportunity of being on a studio with the actors fully dressed on costume to explore different textures, color schemes and styles for looks for the short film.

As production designer of “Clowning Around”, I am interested in creating a different look to the classic english look of short films. In collaboration with the DOP Azul Serra and with our incredible costume designer, I am able to experiment with colors, details and photography filters.
Here are some shots I took on the photo shooting last week. Exploring colors to the limit!

‘clowning around’

I am working as a production designer for a short film, directed by Damien Cullen, ‘Clowning Around’.

We are in first stages of ideas, and today I had the second meeting with the crew… The color palette is starting to create shape, together with the costume and the photography. We intend to create a ‘lomo’ look, with light and soft colors on the background but having vivid colors on the character’s costumes.


jack malchance teaser



The word scenographer is now universally accepted and is used to describe the artists who have responsibility for all the visual and aural contributions of theatre and performance: the stage settings and properties, costume design, lighting and sound design.


OUR WEB DRAMA ‘JACK MALCHANCE’ in which I am the production designer.



jack malchance 5 – shooting

Last weekend we shoot the 5th episode of Jack Malchance, a web drama I am currently working on.

The episode will be uploaded on 10th of October on our channel on youtube, and looks great by the way.

some pics from props and behind the scenes:

new showreel

a selection of my work as a production designer and art director.

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