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The best thing of Exhibiting my work is the instant feedback that I get from the audience.

To hear what people feel when they watch the TV’s is a great learning process and it makes me go back to my methodology of work and into the way I developed this work t be able to analyze what works and what doesn’t work.

The most interesting thing is that people normally feel nostalgic about they own life, and start telling me this memories they have, about their family, and the little stories and fragments of their past.

It is so rich. It feels that is a complementary piece for my work. The audience’s own memories completes mine own memories.

And it becomes a final piece.

If by any chance you are reading this post and you have been to my video installation, I would appreciate some feedback and comments about you own personal feeling and sensations. Could be fragments.


installation up and running

tomorrow… ‘Saray’

As tomorrow I will be setting up my video and sound installation at the foyer of the RoundHouse, today the day was about making sure everything is working correctly. All the 7TV’s and 4 Dvd players are connected, my computer is burning the last DVD’s to make all the “brain connections” of this art work, for it to be alive again.

The installation will be part of the Accidental Festival from thursday the 19th oF May until sunday the 22nd.


It is with great joy that I invite everyone to see my video and sound installation up again, but this time at the foyer of the RoundHouse, in Camden Town, London. From modest Victorian beginnings – beginning life in 1846 as a steam-engine repair shed – to legendary cultural venue, the Roundhouse has an enviable heritage. The Grade II* listed building is now home to a bold and exciting programme of live music, theatre, dance, circus, installations and new media.

My installation will be part of the Accidental Festival.The Accidental Festival is a platform for showcasing a diverse mix of disciplines, genres and styles, a base for artists, musicians and performers to collaborate, to collide, to create something new. The Festival is committed to a dynamic community and education programme, welcoming all to take part, and creating a community for artists and audience, performers and creators and all those in between, uniting us all in a celebration of art in all its forms.

‘saray’ will be exhibited again

It is with great pleasure that I announce that My video and sound installation will be on AGAIN, @ The Accidental Festival at the Roundhouse, Camden Town, London. Will be at the foyer of the festival. May 21st and 22nd 2011.


details from SARAY

The exhibition of the work ‘Saray’ consisted not only on the 7 TV’s but also a sound installation which was going on a loop on the same room, headphones connected with one of the TV’s where the audience could hear bits of memories, and also the photographs which were sawed @

the performance (on TV’s) together with some letters written by my grandmother. The letters were all written in croatian so I couldn’t properly understand what was written, and the address from Sarajevo doesn’t exists anymore after the siege on the 90’s.




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