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OUR WEB DRAMA ‘JACK MALCHANCE’ in which I am the production designer.




set design for theatre

During 2008 I’ve worked with Maria Haralambidou designing and building the set design for the musical “1963 they had a dream”. The musical was on at the Cochrane Theatre (London) during April 2009 and was Directed by Robbi Stevens.

The production had a tiny budget and it was a big challenge for us to design a set for a musical with so many different locations spending almost nothing and recycling pieces of old sets from previous productions.

The musical is about London 1960’s with Caribbean immigrants who came here hoping to get a new life and couldn’t even get money back to return to their country, and had to go through racism and stupidities of mankind.

Our design had in mind  2 realities; one of the Caribbean’s who used to live together, sometimes lots of them in the same bedroom, so considering the fact of their tiny houses, they used to be a lot more in the streets hanging together; and the reality of the british white rich population, always inside houses, cafes, restaurants, pubs; having in mind the amount of different location we had to deal with including park, hairdresser, houses, pub, we decided to design a “village” in which the walls of the houses open revealing what is inside (for the white’s) and for the Caribbean’s an area outside their house.

theatre inspiration

‘Le cirque invisible’ by Jean-Baptist Thierree and Victoria Chaplin show off the ability to use set and costume as a important part of the performance. Outstanding!! It is incredible how the designer worked with the actors for the better use of it. very very inspiring.

inspiration for composition

the edge of love” is the kind of film that doesn’t inspire me as a story, but in terms of composition, colors, art direction, props, costume design is absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!! When I was watching, during some shots it was almost unbelievable how beautiful was the composition.

The shots from the top are incredible, I’ve done it on Jack Malchance episode 3.

the cinematography as well is stunning; normally when a film visually attracts me, is the cinematography and art dptm together having a great composition of textures, light and colors.

If I would show any reference of my ideal work as production designer It would be this film.

new showreel

a selection of my work as a production designer and art director.


In 2008 I’ve created and developed the design for a theatre performance based on the film “The hours”. It was just a proposal and it hasn’t been realized yet.

I have related the film and the fact that it is a “one day journey” inside the feminine universe of 3 different woman, with the work from Frida Kahlo, an artist who had a really strong feminine work. For me it was a journey inside myself, and connecting with such beautiful works from Virginia Wolf and Frida Kahlo showed me how their art is similar and sensible.

After lots of research and a strong creative process I came out with a dance performance in which the stage is a triangle shape (representing the feminine) with water on the floor, reflecting them. Also representing the mind. In the middle of the stage it falls a big root from a tree, representing our inner self. (the feminine inner self)

It is a design that I love and I’m proud of, and hope someday to see it live.

short film “Saturday”

During the last bank holiday, I was at Liverpool shooting Greer McNally’s short film “Saturday” in which I was the Production Designer. The film was shot in only one location, and it is about a jewish guy who wants to watch an England match on “saturday”, but following the jewish tradition, that on a Shabbat he can’t turn any electric appliances, the guy is not able to turn his tv on. A common solution for the traditional jews for the problem of electricity involves pre-set timers for electric appliances, to turn them on and off automatically, with no human intervention on Shabbat itself; but in the film the tv doesn’t work exactly work how it was supposed to work…..

Shabbat recalls the Biblical Creation account in Genesis, describing God creating the Heavens and the Earth in six days and resting on the seventh. It also recalls the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, when God commanded the Israelite nation to observe the seventh day and keep it holy.

Some of the making off pictures from the film:

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