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‘clowning around’

I am working as a production designer for a short film, directed by Damien Cullen, ‘Clowning Around’.

We are in first stages of ideas, and today I had the second meeting with the crew… The color palette is starting to create shape, together with the costume and the photography. We intend to create a ‘lomo’ look, with light and soft colors on the background but having vivid colors on the character’s costumes.



new showreel

a selection of my work as a production designer and art director.

short film “Saturday”

During the last bank holiday, I was at Liverpool shooting Greer McNally’s short film “Saturday” in which I was the Production Designer. The film was shot in only one location, and it is about a jewish guy who wants to watch an England match on “saturday”, but following the jewish tradition, that on a Shabbat he can’t turn any electric appliances, the guy is not able to turn his tv on. A common solution for the traditional jews for the problem of electricity involves pre-set timers for electric appliances, to turn them on and off automatically, with no human intervention on Shabbat itself; but in the film the tv doesn’t work exactly work how it was supposed to work…..

Shabbat recalls the Biblical Creation account in Genesis, describing God creating the Heavens and the Earth in six days and resting on the seventh. It also recalls the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, when God commanded the Israelite nation to observe the seventh day and keep it holy.

Some of the making off pictures from the film:

jack malchance – new episode!

finally on 1st of july was released the 3rd episode of the Web drama JACK MALCHANCE.

I already posted explanations about it and also the episodes 1 and 2. It’s done as a collaboration and we have the next episodes 4 or 5 ready and will be released soon, next will be on 1st of august.

awfully deep

“Awfully Deep” is a short-film directed by Daniel Florêncio in which I was the production designer. The film was shot in October 2009, with the RED camera and is now on its way to the biggest film festivals in Europe.

Check the trailer:

jack malchance WEBSITE

finally we have a website for our web series JACK MALCHANCE!

the next episode (episode 3) is ready and will be available for uploads on the 1st of july.

Episodes 4 and 5 on its way!!!

check it out:


“Two Peas” is a short film that I’ve worked as production designer on October 2009, it is 7 minute long, has been produced by Instant films ( and Dean Loxton, directed by Aoife Crehan and cinemathography by Azul Serra.

It is the story of a man and a woman, struggle to get to know each other over the phone – for both of them, the burden of the past is a silent intruder. Over the course of a day, as we observe them and listen to their conversations, it becomes obvious that they have more in common than either realizes. As they prepare to meet for the first time, and the true nature of their relationship emerges, their similarity may be what eventually keeps them apart.

We’ve worked in the production since April 2009, was a hard work as we didn’t have a big budget, but because if the great work and collaboration of the team we were able to create a beautiful aesthetic and poetry.

here it is the color palette we had chosen for the 2 characters:

The hardest props to find for the film were the animals used, an iguana and turtle.

Was great that I had an amazing art department including Amelia Prazak, Milda Lambertaite and Marta Quileri.

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