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experiments of textures

I used the opportunity of being on a studio with the actors fully dressed on costume to explore different textures, color schemes and styles for looks for the short film.

As production designer of “Clowning Around”, I am interested in creating a different look to the classic english look of short films. In collaboration with the DOP Azul Serra and with our incredible costume designer, I am able to experiment with colors, details and photography filters.
Here are some shots I took on the photo shooting last week. Exploring colors to the limit!


a video that brings a lot of inspiration. The singer is incredible sexy, the music is beautiful and the textures and compositions of the images are exactly what I like and love to do. It represents many sides of myself…. enjoy!

costume reference

A recent film that I complete admire the Art direction, and has amazing costume designs is “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” (2009). The textures, fabrics, color palette and composition and absolutely outstanding.

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