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religion ?

I’ve been recently working with Mart Quileri on a video installation about religion.

Our project is based on how people react when it comes to define or describe their own or other people’s religions. We started the project looking at how people experience religion on a daily basis and how is difficult to classify their own believes.

We got strongly inspired by artists who based their work on religious concepts and questions, like Maja Bajeciv and Gregor Scheider, and have the ability to combine concepts with strong visual images. Their work is relate to our methodology of work in a sense that we work more visually, and this fact allowed us to experiment with ideas for a  installation rather than for a performance.

We explored the fact that extreme religious people don’t normally understand other opinions as they are too focused on their own life’s and truths, and this is very common on a daily basis; once you are too concentrated on your own reality you will never be able to listen and understand other point of view.

We explored the classification of religion into symbols and how people can normally describe symbols. We did experiments to be able to better analyse the subject, and from these experiments our project could develop a lot easier and faster.

By the answers we’ve got, most of the people of our age said they don’t believe in any religion at all or even in God; we found this result very interesting and we started wondering if because people cannot describe their believes and classify it into one already established religion, they find it easier to say that they don’t believe in anything at all.

A form of showing these conclusions into an art work was to develop a video installation with 2 people from different backgrounds, cultural, language and religion based, each one in one TV trying to communicate with each other speaking their own languages only, and explaining their believes to each other.


tv’s and dvd’s

it has been difficult to produce the “props” for my exhibition; when I had the idea to have lots of different TV’s I didn’t realized how tricky would be to have it ready. Including the fact that I am a designer and not really into technology (I pretend I know about it but when it comes to cables, connections, and other issues like that my knowledge goes to zero….) the search gets harder and harder.

The first obstacle was to find out how to have 7 videos on 7 different TV’s at the same time, if I needed 7 DVD’s or If I could do it with one source (like one computer links and connected with the TV’s); after research on internet and with friends and asking questions to yahoo, Google and Aardvark ( – a website that really answers your questions! – I decided to use 7 DVD’s which seems easier but when it comes to the fact that I don’t have a car it gets harder.

In my house I don’t even have a DVD or neither a TV!! So I really have to start from nothing…. I’ve tried free-cycle and also eBay, but still it doesn’t help a lot considering that I don’t have a car to pick it up. I found 2 TV’s and one DVD on eBay that could be sent by post, but when they arrived in my house and I’ve tried to use it, it DOESN’T work!!! 😦

Now I’ve both one more DVD on eBay and 2 more TV’s, it is a new try but this time I will have to pick it up by foot, around London…. I am considering the possibilities of start calling friends and asking their TV’s…

video installation

Here it is my idea for my video installation at the moment. it consists on 7 televisions on which 3 short videos will be screened, about memory process and my nostalgia about Sarajevo. Also will be 4 speakers in a room with the sound that I recorded in Sarajevo and have edited already.

The footage I’ve got in Bosnia won’t be used in the videos; it is much more about the symbolism of memory than the images that I’ve got there. I am working on these videos now and editing it.

Also at the moment I am struggling to get the 7 television together with 7 DVD players to be able to make it work.

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