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short film “Saturday”

During the last bank holiday, I was at Liverpool shooting Greer McNally’s short film “Saturday” in which I was the Production Designer. The film was shot in only one location, and it is about a jewish guy who wants to watch an England match on “saturday”, but following the jewish tradition, that on a Shabbat he can’t turn any electric appliances, the guy is not able to turn his tv on. A common solution for the traditional jews for the problem of electricity involves pre-set timers for electric appliances, to turn them on and off automatically, with no human intervention on Shabbat itself; but in the film the tv doesn’t work exactly work how it was supposed to work…..

Shabbat recalls the Biblical Creation account in Genesis, describing God creating the Heavens and the Earth in six days and resting on the seventh. It also recalls the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, when God commanded the Israelite nation to observe the seventh day and keep it holy.

Some of the making off pictures from the film:


blake beat live

some days ago I’ve posted the rehearsal images of “blake beat” a multimedia performance by the artist Tomaz Klotzel.

this last weekend the performance was presented at MIS ( museum of image and sound) of São Paulo, Brasil.

check it out

model making

“SITE 209” was a project in which the starting point was not a text, but a performance space, STOKE NEWINGTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (STKINT). Stoke Newington International Airport ( is a performance and rehearsal venue where extremely interesting people get up to brilliant things. It is based in London, around Stoke newington area, and it is a place where lots of new ideas and artists start.

My project was a collaboration with more 4 artists (Gina Lee, Marta Quileri, Milda Lembertaite, Lizzie Green), and our first idea was to develop a performance/ installation based on the sensation we had when we first walked into the space: the feeling that we were in a bunker.

We’ve done at the space a research video (above) and after that we created a space inside the space in which a story is being told by the set.

photographs of the model:

ernesto neto

The visual art strand of the Southbank Centre’s 2010 ‘Festival Brazil’ features new work by the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto. Neto returns to The Hayward after his showing in 2008’s ‘Psycho Building’, for which he created ‘Life Fog Frog’, an enormous membrane containing forms filled with spices. For his solo show, the Rio de Janeiro-based artist will use the upper galleries and outdoor sculpture terraces for a new site-specific commission and sculptural works that continue his sensory exploration of architectural space.

For me was a great experience to go to his exhibition not only because it was a brazilian artist but also because of the sensorial experience which allows my imagination and creativity to expand.

ideas for set, for theatre, for drawings, organic forms and smells have come like an invasion into my mind after the experience.

simulation X replication

Peter Weibel – Endless Sandwich, Closed-Circuit Video 1969

it was thought to make the home into a kind of theatre characterized, paradoxically, by both absolute intimacy and global reach – Spigel 1992



inspiration for art direction

“Noel, o poeta da vila” shows beautifully the story of NOEL ROSA, one of the biggest music composers on brazilian history. Noel gave a new twist to samba, combining its afro-brazilian roots with a more urban, witty language and making it a vehicle for ironic social commentary.

His short life (he died at 26) allowed him to compose around 250 songs, and this film presents his life beautifully. The cinematography and art direction are AMAZING, and the scriptwriter is a friend of mine, Pedro Vicente, who is in a picture on the “behind the scenes” of jack malchance, as he is also an actor and will be one of the characters on episode 6.

The art direction is for sure one big reference for me, the textures and compositions of the film are great, the costume is beautiful!

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