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Two videos on MTV Brazil.

One talking about my ancestors, genetic memory and my video installation ‘Saray’ that was a work done on these theme, having as a starting point my grandmother who was born in Sarajevo, and me being nostalgic about a place which I have never been before.

The other video talks about Narrative. João Maia asked me if as a child I used to confuse narrative and reality. I say: “As a child I used to confuse narrative with reality, in fact I still do, as an adult. I believe that you create the narrative you want with the facts of your own life.”


Orfeu Mestiço: a brazilian hip-hopera

I arrive now in London, after 3 months in Brazil, working in the production: ‘Orfeu Mestiço: a brazilian hip-hopera’, by Nucleo Bartolomeu de Depoimentos Theatre Group.

The hip-hopera tells the myth of Orpheus but is adapted to fit in Brazil during the military dictatorship, on the 60’s/70s.

The play combines the virtuosity of the opera to the elements of urban popular culture.

In its eighth production,  the theater group, which is precursor to join the theater to the elements of hip-hop culture, innovates once again by staging the first BrazilianHip-Hopera. The actors and musicians give life to poetry, and the lyrics written by Claudia Schapira, are sang in chorus telling the saga of Orpheus and the Brazilian people.

With six actors on stage, “Orpheus Mestizo” chronicles the return of a politician tied to his past military dictatorship, which for years tried to forget. All the drama takes place in space designed by set designer Daniela Thomas. In the play, characters from different periods accompany Orpheus in his descent into hell.
Daniela Thomas is one of the most incredible set designers in Brazil. I has the privilege To work side by side with her assistants Mari Alves Pinto and Stella Tennembaum as I was producing all set and costume for the play.
I was working everyday on the theatre following the rehearsals and the evolvement of the piece while coordinating the set being built.
.some pictures below.
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